My Dental Score

How healthy is your mouth? Take the challenge below to find out your risks of dental disease.
There is also more information on dental disease.

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Bring your score with you when you come for your examination.
We use an advanced version of My Dental Score for our Denplan and Private patients.

Denplan Excel Previser Patient Assessment

A New Way To Help Your Dental Care

How Can It Help?

By using a 44 point clinical review, simple questionnaire and validated computer modelling, we can now produce a personal report advising your current dental health and risk of future disease. With this we can better plan your future care.
We all know that prevention is better than cure. Using this latest technology helps protect you better, by scientifically predicting your risks of developing tooth decay, gum disease, tooth wear and mouth cancer within your report.

DEPPA Gives You:

  • Instant report on dental health and disease risks
  • Up to date and evidence-based dental review
  • Clear advice and information on dental health
  • Advice and explanation on how to reduce risks
  • Effective measure of changes in dental health

Only from Denpan Excel Accredited Practices